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Vacations for Discerning Tastes

Vacation Travel

When we dream of vacationing, our thought is of getting from point A to point B, and then enjoying time at our destination. A vacation requires pre-planning, and a series of personal and logistical decisions. To name a few, vacation considerations should address the desires of each traveler, the age appropriateness of items on the itinerary, the trip budget and any health-related accommodations.

Whether you want to go on a dream vacation, a restful get-away, a high adventure trip or something else, Tzell can help you with everything that goes into planning, getting from point A to point B, and ensuring your expectations are met once you arrive. 

Bucket List Vacations

What is on your Bucket List?  These once-in-a-lifetime dream vacations are our specialty. Tzell has a team of travel experts with experience in planning such events. Whether your bucket list includes hopping the Greek isles, wine tasting in Northern and Southern regions of California, or witnessing the Northern Lights in Finland, we are your go-to travel experts. Not only will Tzell Travel Group ensure your trip will be one you check off your bucket list, we also make certain it’ll be a great experience you’ll never forget.

Luxury Resorts

You work hard, so you really want to enjoy your vacation. You should; on your terms and in luxury. When it comes to resorts, Tzell Travel Group knows there’s a luxury resort that’ll match your personality.

If you want to get away from it all, we know of a remote resort situated between the Pacific Ocean and a Redwood forest. If bright lights and high energy is what you’re looking for, a tower suite at the Bellagio, Las Vegas, might be the best fit. Or, if your trip is for the entire family, a stay at Yosemite’s Majestic Hotel could include summer hiking or winter ski lessons.

Every resort has its own personality. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll find some R&R that best suits you and your companions.

Adventure Vacations

For some, staying at a resort just isn’t enough. Participating in high-adventure is what they seek. Whether it be swimming with sharks in South Africa, dog sledding in Alaska, or retracing Marco Polo’s route to China, Tzell can help plan your trip.

The concept of adventure tourism has grown in recent years to cater to travelers who want do something that’s out of the ordinary. This type of travel is frequently thought of as exotic travel like cave exploring or rock climbing; however, it also includes culinary tourism, ecotourism, archeaological tourism and cultural tourism.

If an adventure vacation is something that’s been on your mind, give us call today. We know how to plan your next adventure.


Do you live to work, or work to live? The most satisfying vacations take time to plan. Now, is the right time to start exploring ideas. Call us today to get your next vacation ready!