Jodi Hersh

Premier Travel Consultant

Jodi’s mission is to provide a premium travel experience while providing the best value for her clients. Jodi’s concierge 7 day a week24 hour service sets her apart from all other in the travel field. This comes in handy for her corporate and leisure clients as Jodi is about making the impossible possible at all times. With the power of Tzell Travel Group of Long Island, Jodi has the ability to arrange special negotiated rates, amenities, and provide all travel management functions that cannot be done by the client on their own. Jodi’s relationship with hotels, airlines, cruise lines and hospitality service are unsurpassed in the travel industry. Jodi is the travel industry for more than 30 years and her expertise is unrivaled. Follow Jodi’s travels on instagram at woodhew_travel or facebook pages, Jodi Hersh or Wood Hew Travel.


(516) 569-6444